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A pawn is a secured loan. The loan amount is based on merchandise brought to the pawn store to be held as collateral for a cash loan.

Since a pawn is a secured loan, it does not affect your credit. There is never a credit check, and your credit report cannot be affected by any pawn transactions.

In Louisiana, pawn transactions must be held by the pawnbroker for three months.

In Louisiana, the interest and service charges on a pawn transaction totals 20% per month.

You may extend or renew your loan by paying a portion of the interest due. There is no limit to the number of extensions you can make.

In Louisiana, as well as most other states, pawnshops are required by law to report all merchandise taken on a daily basis. The police compare our lists with all of the burglary/robbery lists in their computer. Studies have shown that fewer than one-tenth of one percent of items taken in pawnshops are stolen.

We have many systems in place to deter criminals from pawning stolen items. In addition to reporting our acquisitions on a daily basis, we also hold all items that we buy, take or trade for 30 days to allow the police to check our records. Anyone who sells, trades or pawns any item must show a valid government-issued picture ID (driver's license, state-issued ID, military ID, etc.) in order to complete their transactions. This is a major deterrent as criminals do not wish to identify themselves.

Loans vary according to the merchandise. There is no minimum or maximum dollar amount allowed on a pawn transaction. Because the pawnbroker has to recoup his money by selling the item, if you choose not to redeem it, you should expect to receive only a portion of its retail value. Most items will sell for about half of the new retail price. Your loan amount will be determined according to this fact.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Debit cards for purchases. All loans require cash payment to pick up. Sorry, but we don't take cards on loan pick-ups.