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Pawning a Gun? What You Need to Know

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Guns are one of the best items that you can pawn. Guns have a known value, are always desirable, and are compact and easy to store. All of these things make guns appealing for pawn shop owners. If you want to sell or pawn a gun, you need to know some things about how pawn shops work and how gun transfers work. Here are a few of the most important things to know.

Bring Your Gun In Secure, Clean, and Unloaded

You can prepare your gun by cleaning it and unloading it. A pawn shop will treat a gun as though it is loaded, but you want to make sure that it's already prepared and that it looks is best. This will help the pawn shop determine how much it's truly worth.

Know As Much As Possible About Your Gun

Not all pawn shops know everything about every gun. You should walk in knowing the general market value of your gun, in addition to anything that's special about it, such as it being particularly rare. All of this will help you when negotiating a price. Pawn shops try to create a fair price based on what a gun will sell for, but any information you can provide may add value.

Know If Your Antique Guns Are Worth More

Antiques tend to be risky for pawn shops because the shops can't be certain what they will sell for. However, guns tend to be an exception to this rule. If you have an antique gun and you know that gun's history (and if it's in good condition), you're likely to get more for it than if you're simply selling just any gun. Other than antiques, rifles and handguns tend to be the most favored by pawn shops, as they are easy to move.

Have Your License

You will need to have your license with you and other identifying information. You may have a background check run on you.

Keep in mind that you are also going to need to go through this process if you decide to get the gun back. If you pay the pawn shop appropriately but, for whatever reason, lose your gun license, you cannot get your gun back at the end of the loan period (though the shop may work with you to get you equivalent value).

Check If the Pawn Shops Will Take Guns

Guns are desirable, but not all pawn shops are appropriately licensed for the transfer of guns. Before you go to the pawn shop, you should call and ask ahead. At the same time, they can give you specifics about anything that their shop is going to need from you.

Register Your Gun Properly

Your gun needs to be registered to you. It's not enough just to have a legal gun and also to have a gun license. If the gun isn't registered to you, it may be reported to the authorities. It's possible that a gun that isn't registered to you has been reported stolen or could have even been used during a crime.

Be prepared to show information about when you purchased the gun and the gun's general providence as well. The more documentation you have, the better; guns are highly regulated and pawn shops that take guns need to be extremely careful.

If you need some cash now, pawning a gun is a great way to get it. You can pawn your gun today for cash and get your gun back with a few small, easy payments. For an overview of the process and the documents that you need, contact American Pawn today.

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